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QueenQuest™ Foldable Clothing Bag

QueenQuest™ Foldable Clothing Bag

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Our Guarantee

We're confident you'll love our foldable luggage bag. But if for any reason you're not satisfied within 30 days, simply return it for a full refund—no questions asked. Try it now and make traveling a breeze.

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  • Processing Time: 24-72 hours
  • Delivery Time: Estimated 6-12 business days
  • Tracked Shipping: Monitor your shipment in real-time for a stress-free delivery.

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🏖️ The Perfect Travel Companion

👔 Wrinkle-Free Elegance: Our garment duffel bag ensures your outfits stay pristine, eliminating the need for hotel irons.
🌟 Versatility and Longevity: From business trips to weekend getaways, our travel bag is designed for durability and timeless style.
🎒 Multifunctional Storage Design: Pack everything you need with ease, thanks to our bag's versatile storage options.

✈️ Effortless Travel Solutions

Whether you're a business traveler navigating airport terminals or an adventure-seeker embarking on spontaneous weekend getaways, our innovative design ensures you're equipped for every excursion.

Special Features

  • QueenQuest - 2 Side Pockets

  • QueenQuest - Shoe Bag

  • QueenQuest - Adjustable Side Straps

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Do you have a version with Wheels?

Yes we do - Check out our Luxury Brown Trolley QueenQuest Bag!

Can the bag be used as a garment carrier?

Yes, it transforms into a protective garment carrier to keep your clothes wrinkle-free during travel.

Do all bags come with trolley?

No, only the Luxury Brown QueenQuest Trolley comes with a trolley, all other bags do not come with Trolley.

Is the bag water-resistant?

Yes, our foldable luggage bag is designed to withstand various weather conditions, keeping your belongings safe and dry.

Can the foldable luggage bag accommodate different airline carry-on size restrictions?

Yes, our foldable luggage bag is designed to comply with most airline carry-on size regulations. However, it's always recommended to verify specific requirements with your airline before traveling to ensure a seamless journey.

What material is the bag made of?

Our bags are made of Premium PU(Poly-Utherate)

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Mandy White
Awesome Bag!

This bag is a must have! I love it and use it all the time.

Arlo Ebert

The order arrived very quickly, even earlier than originally indicated. I liked the bag.

Minnie O'Connell

Thank you soo much for the fast transaction..happy and satisfied with my purchased😊 recommended seller and the items are nice😊till next time...keep it up😊

Karlie Huels

Very spacious, very large as you can see in the image, many well thought bags to fit and organize inside and still came necessaire!!! Features hand strap and came a long reinforced shoulder strap! You can take a lot inside, it's almost a whole suitcase. Arrived very quickly in Brazil. The beige color is beautiful and clean.

Laverna Berge

Very good, I love it, it complies with the publication, it is wide, it is beautiful and they also give you a plastic organizer for your bathroom things, I love it, the color is beautiful, it looks coral but it's pink. It is large and the closures are good, quality, excellent.

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